Story Calendar

Enjoy a  new wildlife story twice per month. Members receive an email reminder when a new story is available. We recommend reading each short story several times for improved comprehension.


  • Skye the Baby Black Rhino
    This wonderful story brings to life a strong minded baby rhino whose persistence saves her rhino family and friends.

  • Sylvester the Friendly Cheetah
    Sylvester builds teamwork among his savanna friends as they come together to fight poachers.

  • Ellie the Elephant 
    Join Ellie on the African savanna to learn what it's like to be the largest land animal on Earth.

  • Delta the Painted Doggie
    Join Delta on a great adventure and learn what life is like as an African Painted Dog.

  • Lilly the Lioness
    Join Lilly on the African savanna to see what it's like to be a lion.

  • Coco the Crocodile
    Join Coco on the banks of the Zambezi River to learn what it's like to be a Nile crocodile.

  • Connie the Grey Crowned Crane
    She may look beautiful, elegant and majestic, but Connie knows it's more important to be a good bird than to just look good.

  • Ollie the Ostrich
    Ollie is one strange bird with many world records.

  • Jaden the Giraffe
    Walk the African savanna with the the tallest animal on Earth.

  • Zooma the Zebra
    Zebras are a bit grouchy but Zooma just wants to play with you all day.

  • Harper the Hippo
    Harper loves to share how fun life is being a hippo. Join Harper as he swims, plays and splashes his days away.


  • Aug 15:  Bobo the Baboon
    What do you think it's like to sleep in a tree and spend your days searching for food in the open woodlands of Africa. Read this fun story to find out.

  • Sep 01:  Bailey the Black Backed Jackal
    Howl your way to a good time hanging out with Bailey and seeing how fun being a Jackal can be.

  • Sep 15:  Bee the Bateleur Eagle
    Get a birds eye view of life as an Eagle soaring on winds over the African savanna.

  • Oct 01:  Casey the Cape Buffalo
    If you think elephants never forget, than you should meet a Cape Buffalo. Join their herd and get to know what makes buffalo an amazing friend.

  • Oct 15:  Wati the Wildebeest
    Have you ever been to a very crowded event where it's hard to move? Imagine living with thousands of your family and friends right next to you. Wati can't wait to tell you all about the adventure of being a wildebeest.

  • Nov 01:  Waka the Warthog
    Take a walk on the wild side with Waka the warthog. It's all fun and games with this little critter.

  • Nov 15:  Diving with Man Eating Crocs
    Great white sharks are fun compared to diving with man eating crocs. This fun story is a great read. 

  • Dec 01:  Piper the Ox Pecker
    What if all your days could be spent riding around on the most amazing African wildlife. Come join piper on the backs of some amazing creatures.

  • Dec 15:  Ona the Oryx
    Whether called an Oryx or Gemsbok, Ona just wants to be the best at something. Come along and enjoy Ona's adventure.

  • Jan 01:  Ita the Impala
    Although one of the most successful animals in Africa, Ita still searches for the next fun thing to do.

  • Jan 15:  Kenny the Kudu
    Most people don't know how cool kudu can be. Find out what others don't know.

  • Feb 01:  Sylvester the Cheetah's Fun Day
    Sylvester loves running the fastest of any animal on Earth. It really is fun to be a cheetah.

  • Feb 15:  Tammy the Tiger
    Tammy never stops to think about what she needs. Nope, this silly tiger just wants what she wants.

  • Let's not end here. Lots more stories to come...





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