African Safari

Questions & Answers

Question:  Are there a lot of bugs? Bug bites etc, what should we prepare for on that issue.

Answer:  September is the dry season, there will be far fewer bugs. I have been to this region in both wet and dry season. I didn't use bug spray during the dry season. I do still recommend you bring 2 cans of bug spray just in case. Please make sure to pack bug spray in luggage as airport security will confiscate it if in carry on.

Question:  Clothing, what sort of clothing do you recommend. I see the temperatures can be in the 40’s in the mornings and up to 80 by the afternoon. Do you recommend bringing shorts? I’m just wondering if being in the jungle is conducive to shorts.
Answer:  It depends on your tolerance for cold. Note during the 8 day safari, we wont have access to do laundry. I will be bringing safari/fishing pants which have a zippers on legs to make pants into shorts. It sounds silly, but works great. I'm bringing 1 coat. I like putting on layers should i feel cold. 

Question:  Luggage - I’m looking at going to London prior and possibly somewhere else after and want to know if there is somewhere to secure extra luggage. What about luggage for safari?

Answer:  The hotel will store extra luggage. We include a hotel stay at cresta sprayview (this may change) in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe the first night of arrival and the last night after safari prior to departure. 

Question:  If we are in tents and out most of the day, how are our valuables safe?

Answer:  There is always support staff who remains in camp while we go on safari. For additional precaution, we suggest you bring along a backpack where you will keep your valuables (passport, cash, credit cards ) and this bag you may bring with you on the 3 hour game drives. 

Question:  Footwear- what do you recommend?
Answer:  I recommend a pair of sneaker boots. For comfort and you want to protect your ankles from brush and bushes when we walk.

Question:  What if it rains?
Answer:  Although Sept is the dry season, it is possible to rain. However infrequent, if it does rain, it is usually in short bursts. She we be on safari, although our vehicle is open, we do have a roof for protection from the elements. For the evenings we suggest, closed shoes always. Please remember we will be in the African bush.

I hope you are satisfied with these answers. If not, please call me and we can discuss whatever you wish.

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