African Safari

Our Man in Africa column

by Howie Minsky, Boca Raton Magazine.

Introducing: Our Man in Africa

Magazine - August 30, 2017, by Howie Minsky

Where Will I Be? For daily updates, follow me on social media! To learn more check out...

Day Two in Zimbabwe: Elephant Encounter

Magazine - September 7, 2017by Howie Minsky

by Howie Minsky I awake as the first rays of light shine over the red sand hills of Nakavango Big Game Preserve in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa. It is only...


Cage Diving with Carnivorous Crocodiles

Magazine - September 15, 2017, by Howie Minsky this economy and supporting the community I respect so much. I’m looking forward to sharing our next adventure. Your man in Africa, Howie Minsky All photos by Howie Minsky....


Connecting with the Night: Camping in Zimbabwe

Magazine - September 21, 2017by Howie Minsky

Words and photos by Howie Minsky Today, we spent most of the day planting Zambezi Teak trees to repair a section of forest damaged from several years of overgrazing by...


Making Conservation Work in Africa

Magazine - September 28, 2017, by Howie Minsky

Words and photos by Howie Minsky On this trip—which is conservation-based—I am learning it is not all about the animals. It is not enough to simply protect wildlife and its..


The Prolific African Wildlife of Botswana’s Chobe National Park

Magazine - October 11, 2017, by Howie Minsky

...night. The calls quickly quiet down as the leopard moves on to find an easier and quieter prey. Your man in Africa, Howie Minsky Words and photos by Howie Minsky....


9 Easy Ways to Help Wildlife Conservation

Magazine - October 18, 2017, by Howie Minsky

by Howie Minsky, Our man in Africa The more involved I become in the wildlife conservation movement; the more hopeful I am for the future of our planet. I get...


Zoos and Their Importance to Wildlife Conservation

Magazine - October 25, 2017, by Howie Minsky

By Howie Minsky, Our Man in Africa This week I’d like to share my thoughts about wildlife and the educational and conservational aspects of zoos. I wish everyone could experience...


Sights on a Drive Through Etosha National Park

Magazine - November 1, 2017, by Howie Minsky

by Howie Minsky I’m driving through Etosha National Park, one of the most exciting wildlife parks in Africa, and a dream of mine since I was a boy. As I...

Video Interview


Howie's Zimbabwe Trip Interview
Video - Feb 6, 2017
Howie Minsky's interview about his upcoming trip to volunteer on a big game preserve in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

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