Conserve Our Wild is an environmentally friendly organization dedicated to exciting families to care about our world's wildlife. Together we can be better stewards of our planet.

We provide an online reading platform, wildlife storybooks and emergent readers, for children prekindergarten to fifth grade. A student who reads 20 minutes per day, will be exposed to 1.8 million words per year and is more likely to score in the 90th percentile on standardized tests.

Sponsorships/Community Partnerships are available on our online reading platform to enhance your brand perception and increase revenue. To discuss available sponsorship levels, call 727-276-0400. This is your chance to become a community hero and make a real difference.

VISION: Improve literacy and inspire wildlife conservation

MISSION: Stimulate conservation with wildlife books, online reading platform, speaking, and events.


  • Wildlife Storybooks

    • African wildlife series

    • Everglades wildlife series

    • Yellowstone wildlife series

  • Books: 32 pages, 1,000 words (approx)

  • Reading Time: 7 to 10 minutes

  • Audience:  Parents and children prekindergarten to fifth grade

  • Description:  Great stories, amazing pictures, fun facts, conservation tips, and wholesome life lessons

  • Family Time: Enjoy the special time sharing and learning about wildlife with your child


  • Wildlife Emergent Readers (Levels A, B, C and D)

    • Everglades wildlife series

    • African wildlife series

    • Yellowstone National Park wildlife series

  • Books: 16 pages, 150 words (approx)

  • Audience: Beginning readers

  • Description: Our emergent readers use stunning photographs to depict the actions of the story. Readers can identify the main idea and details as well as ask and answer questions about the actions of the characters. Detailed, supportive photographs, high-frequency words, and repetitive phrases support these early emergent readers.


Invite us to perform our Everglades Safari theater show. This interactive show teaches about the Everglades ecosystem, conservation, and the beauty of our natural world. We deliver our message with audience interactions, humor, song and dance to help children connect with wildlife and the environment. Our message resonates with our young audience and we are easy to work with. Combined with our wildlife emergent readers and storybooks, we extend the value of our lessons for the entire school year and beyond.

  • Audience: preK to 2nd grade

  • Length: 45 minutes

  • Where: School Auditoriums, Classrooms, and Community Theaters

  • Excite children to read and learn about wildlife

  • Educational songs and dances

  • Learn about Everglades wildlife and conservation

  • Learn how conservationists protect wildlife

  • Fun, easy ways students can help wildlife

  • Note: no animals


  • Plant trees indigenous to the region

  • Plant flowers to benefit bees, butterflies, and people

  • Remove non-native plants

  • Trash clean-ups

  • Improve wildlife habitat

  • Install wildlife housing

  • Many fun and beneficial activities. Come join us!









1) Conserve Our Wild has the acronym COW. This represents the common cow which will not go extinct as long as they prove valuable to people. Without consumption as the model, how can wildlife be as valuable to people as the common cow?

2) Our logo displays half of the Earth to highlight scientific studies suggesting half of Earths species will become extinct this century! This horrendous loss of life is primarily due to indulgent human behavior. It's not too late to make a difference. Every little bit helps! Together, we can change the world!


As a child, Howie Minsky grew up in the woods of northern New Jersey. In his earliest years, he spent many days searching for wildlife. His love of nature grew from his mother’s influence. They would always talk about the beauty of wildlife, the calming openness of a crisp blue sky, the wondrous colors of our northern fall foliage, and of course all the animal shows and documentaries they watched with great enthusiasm

In February 2017 Howie spent 30 days volunteering at Nakavango, a big game preserve, in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. This adventure became a defining life changing experience. Howie, overtaken with the beauty of Africa, returned in September 2017 for 45 days. Through his passion for wildlife conservation he now dedicates his life to help conserve our wild. 

As a single father and full time dad to his eleven year old daughter; Howie does his best to keep up with her requests for new and original stories. Howie began writing these fun stories to share with his daughter and get her to read more and appreciate wildlife. Soon they began sharing these stories with her friends, and classmates. This grew into performing wildlife story shows at the Palm Beach Zoo as well as visiting elementary schools, children's hospitals, and many other locations throughout South Florida. ​

Let's excite our next generation to read, laugh, and learn about wildlife so they may become better stewards of our planet.​


Howie Minsky

Conserve Our Wild


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